Project Description

To Whom It May Concern:

If you have met Mark, you know Mark.  He is an easy person to engage with, and as a result it was very comfortable having him onsite for our meetings.  Truly the impetus for bringing Mark in for an on-site consultation, stemmed from his efforts at Matt Dicken’s Journey.  Our office has a similar mentality regarding the importance of marketing, and Mark shared in that Journey how they do marketing and it resonated with us.  With his background he was able to come in ascertain the abilities our office staff and assist us in implementing a similar marketing program.  He effectively communicated with the entire office, and made every staff member who has anything to do with our marketing feel like their job was critical to the success of our office.

We were able to set up a marketing spread sheet so that we could track our results and as well as our upcoming activities and when we should be attacking them. Ultimately it led to the conclusion that we needed to have the correct people in the position and have been able to make those staff changes and with minimal issues because the systems are now available.

Our comfort and success with Mark speaks volumes to our relationship with Advisors Excel.  The continued efforts of AE to better each and every Advisor that works with them is second to none in our industry, and Mark Gaffney’s consultation exceeded our expectations.  For those advisor offices that understand marketing is a key component and want a competitive edge, invite Mark into your office and it will make a difference in your team’s approach to hosting successful seminar events.



Alan Becker