Project Description

Guardian Financial Wealth Management Website

Services Provided:
| Web Design and Production
| Responsive Website Planning
| Online Marketing
| Project Management
| SEO Implementation
| WordPress Implementation and Training

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This website was design and developed by MEG for Guardian Financial Wealth Management. The client wanted a modern but functional site that would help promote and reinforce their new pillars of financial planning. Using the pillars as a foundation for the new site design, we incorporated much of the color palette and the imagery from current marketing materials to help maintain a consistent look and feel.

We created a call-to-action by incorporating a complimentary book give-away as a conversion platform. This was used on most pages to keep the message consistent on all pages. We also established a Blog area for the clients to post resources as well as news and current events to help generate new content throughout the year. Demo videos were produced to show the client how to create and edit all posts for this website as well.