Project Description

The Retirement Solution Branding Update

Services Provided:
| Logo Design and Branding Guide
| Print Production
| Brand Ideation and Development
| Photography
| Digital Illustration

This is a proposed branding direction for The Retirement Solution (TRS) that has not yet been put into production. The overall theme was “Your Guide Through The Retirement Journey” helping TRS positioning itself as a partner in the planning of their clients retirement and financial planning needs for the future.

We designed the new logo/signature with a simplified compass icon to help support the idea of “Guide” and “Direction”. We also created a bright and friendly color palette and scheme that would position TRS as a helpful and family oriented institution. The imagery is more “Experience” based as we wanted to engage the audience to envision how their retirement might be as a client with TRS. The color band used throughout the designs and campaign will help reinforce the color theme and design style on all marketing materials.