About The Founder: Mark Edward Gaffney

Mark’s Snapshot Bio

• 25+ Year Distinguished Marketing Career
• Advertising Agency Experience
• Television Production
• Radio Production
• Event Marketing
• Targeted Direct Mail & Copywriting
• Financial Services Marketing
• Coached, Consulted & Trained Hundreds of
   Financial Professionals from Across the United States

Mark is the Founder of Mark Edward Gaffney, a boutique consulting and marketing firm for the financial services industry. In his 25+ year marketing career, Mark’s list of credits include: Executive Producer of several television shows and radio programs, national marketing strategist, keynote speaker and best-selling co-author of The Winning Way.

Mark’s client list reads like a “Who’s Who” of the financial services industry. Since 2002, he has coached, consulted and trained hundreds of financial professionals coast to coast. Mark’s “Image and Brand” advertising agency approach to financial marketing has made him a prominent authority throughout the national advisor community.

Mark has worked with multi-billion dollar corporations as well as start-ups and business entrepreneurs at all phases of development. His marketing strategies have returned hundreds of millions of converted assets for his financial clients. Mark lives in Tampa, Florida with his wife Jennifer and their four children, Isabella, Alexandrea, Liam and Luke.

Contact Information:
Mark Edward Gaffney
550 N. Reo St. #300
Tampa, FL 33609
844.4.Gaffney (844.442.3363)