The Million Dollar Consult© Overview

The Million Dollar Consult© is a day-and-a-half boutique consult based on the individual goals of the advisory firm. We conduct the most thorough marketing audit in the industry and provide customized data-driven solutions to address all major areas of concern. Our goal is to isolate three to five marketing funnels and/or initiatives and increase their efficiency, as well as efficacy, to maximize revenue and return on investment. Wherever you are in your marketing journey, we can help you get to the next level of production.

Core Areas of Focus

• Marketing Department Development
• Seminar & Event Marketing
• Media Review & Refinement (TV/Radio)
• Targeted Direct Mail Strategies
• Referral Strategies
• Image & Brand Improvements
• Mentoring & Coaching
• Alternative Marketing Strategies
• Database Management
• Marketing Reporting & Tracking
• Lead Capture & Conversion
• Digital Marketing Strategies
• Strategic Partnership Marketing
• Client Relationship & Drip Strategies

References Are Available Upon Request