Tired of sending back-and-forth emails to schedule an appointment?

Calendly can help solve your problem! Calendly works with your personal calendar to schedule appointments or calls with your clients. Set up is super simple, you can even customize your availability!

Can my client customize their meeting?

There are several types of meetings that your client can choose from! There are one-on-one meetings, collective meetings, and group meetings! Collective meetings allow you to involve multiple team members. Group meetings allow there to be multiple clients in the same call. You can set up auto-assign meetings, this allows you to choose which team member is on each call. There is also a buffer option that helps you customize how much time you want broke up between each call.

Calendly can be embedded right into your companies website, this allows clients to schedule calls or appointments without even leaving your site. You can also connect and integrate Calendly to other services like Salesforce, Zoom, GoToMeeting, and many others. Paypal is supported and used to accept payments from invitees as they schedule appointments as well.

What plan should I use?

Each plan has different features. There a 3 different plans, basic, premium, and pro!

Basic = $0 a month

Premium = $8 a month

Pro= $12 a month

Click the link below to learn more about each plan!


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