How do I generate leads using Facebook?

Facebook has many different types of ads for you and your business to use. Each one helps target your audience and potentially could gain you new leads! Facebook also has a “boost” option. The boost option creates ads from posts or videos that are already on your Facebook business page. This will allow you to reach a larger audience as well.

What are the different ads I can use?

Video Ads

Video ads usually receive the most engagement. They can be implemented in three different ways:

  • In-Stream ads, these are ads that play in the beginning, middle, or end of a video that people are already watching. It works the same way in-stream YouTube ads work.
  • Videos can also be advertised in your audiences newsfeed for them to come across as they’re scrolling.
  • Video ads can be created using images in a slideshow.

Story Ads

Posting your ads on peoples stories is a great way to gain leads!

  • Story ads are added into people’s feed, as they’re scrolling through their friends stories they will come across your ad as well.
  • Creates stronger engagement.
  • Stories are vertically viewed, which is the way most people hold their phone while on social media.

Photo Ads

Photo ads allow you to reach leads in an easy and quick way!

  • The format is very simple.
  • Using engaging imagery or illustrations helps make the engagement stronger.
  • A photo ad allows you to promote a product or raise awareness about your business.
  • Your photo ad should have very minimal text and it should also include a focal point.

Messenger Ads

Messenger ads are another great way to get in front of people!

  • This is the lowest costing ad on Facebook.
  • These ads appear in the chats tab in the Facebook Messenger app.
  • The ad will include a call-to-action that takes the viewer to a website, application, or a conversation with your business.

Carousel Ads

  • Allows up to 10 images or videos in a single ad, each image/video will include its own link.
  • These ads allow you to showcase numerous products at the same time.
  • You can tell a story using each image or video.
  • There is also a feature that allows the image with the best performance to be optimized.

Collection Ads

  • Collection Ads are very similar to carousel ads.
  • One key image/video is used with 4 smaller images in a grid like layout underneath.
  • It is also powered by Instant Experience, which allows the person to be taken to your business site or page without even leaving Facebook.

Playable Ads

  • Playable ads have an interactive feature before the app is even downloaded.
  • They also create a preview of what’s to come in the application once it is opened.
  • There are 3 main parts of a playable ad, the video, a game demo, and then some form of call-to-action.

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