What internet browser is best for you?

Google Chrome

-Google Chrome is one of the top 4 leading internet browsers.

-Offers a reliable suite of mobile applications.

-Blocks ads that aren’t industry standard.

-Browsing between multiple devices is made easy.

-Using a Google account creates bookmarks and saves data as long as the user is signed in.

-Favorites are accessible on the tab page.

-Dark mode is a feature available for both Windows and MacOS.

-Chrome is fast and free.

-Uses an extension ecosystem.

Mozilla Firefox

-Firefox is a more modern way to search the internet.

-Uses better privacy protections and anti-tracker support.

-Firefox uses password syncing for accounts.

-This browser allows interface customization.

-As a primary browser, Firefox has more privacy than Chrome.


-Opera is very similar to Chrome.

-The browser is built on Google’s open-source chromium engine.

-All of its features are embedded into the browser itself.

-Opera uses website prediction to load frequently visited sites in the background.

-It allows users to install extensions such as Facebook Messenger, Amazon Assistant, and more.

-Opera combines some of the best features from both Chrome and Firefox.

Microsoft Edge

-Edge uses a chromium web browser.

-This browser also supports Chrome extensions.

-Allows add ons from the Microsoft store only.

Apple Safari

-Safari is exclusively for Mac products.

-This browser is slower than Chrome.

-Uses in-house optimization to use less of your Mac’s battery life.

-Creates more privacy on your Mac devices, less likely to be hacked.

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