Why should your business start a podcast?

Creating a podcast is another way to build brand awareness! Podcasts create a new way for your business to have a voice and reach your customers. Having a podcast is super easy and it is free if you launch it on Anchor. It is estimated that around 90 million people listen to podcasts.

5 reasons to start a podcast:

1: It doesn’t cost much to get started!

2: You can get money for your show by having sponsors.

3: You can help position yourself as an authority or an expert at your niche!

4: Use your podcast to promote your services or products.

5: Podcasts don’t use a lot of your time up, most podcasts only post once a week.

What do I need to get started?

1: A podcast name

2: Categories and subcategories

3: Microphone

4: Audio recording software

5: Anchor to launch your podcast

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